API Documentation

API Overview

The Burning Man PlayaEvents API is free for you to use and build with.

The API currently supports two formats, XML and JSON. By default it will return JSON. If you wish to consume XML, pass the API the keypair format=xml. If you want JSONP, provide the keypair callback=myclbk.


The API supports the following methods to receive PlayaEvents data.


Public API Methods using HTTP GET

  • Retrieve All Events in 2013
    jQuery Events example [source]
  • Retrieve Event with ID 10152
  • Events starting after Sept 1st
  • Events before Sept 1st
  • Events between Sept 1st and Sept 2nd
  • You don't have to specify the time if you don't want to as well

Theme Camps

Public API Methods using HTTP GET

Art Installations

Public API Methods using HTTP GET

Circular Streets

Public API Methods using HTTP GET

Time Streets

Public API Methods using HTTP GET


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